Who are we?

Apparent Market Research is premier global market research and management consulting firm creates your equation for growth - whether you need to understand market dynamics, identify new opportunities or increase your profitability. With devoted teams, from diverse academic backgrounds, have each found their way to contribute uniquely toward the common objective which drives the organization. The team's goal is to provide the right information required by the stakeholder at the right point of time, in a format which assists an intelligent and informed decision-making process!

Our trusted data and analysis provide fact-based, actionable advice on all phases of market strategy and tactics. Combined with a worldwide perspective of the various industries, we provide you with a plan to improve performance in a competitive marketplace. Ultimately, we save you time and money - enabling you to make wise decisions quickly for the success of your company and customers.

AMR has specialized research analysts in the areas of Chemicals, Automotive, Aerospace, Marine, Wood, Packaging, Composites, and Construction.

Market Research

At Apparent Market Research, we have been creating market intelligence reports related to growth opportunities in the entire value chain as well as in its adjacent ecosystem in numerous industries such as Chemicals, Automotive, Aerospace, Marine, Wood, Packaging, Composites, and Construction. Each market research report delivers insight across a wide range of crucial factors such as market size, growth drivers, competitive landscape, trends, and forecast. Our continuous networking with clients, suppliers, and competitors creates complete visibility across the entire value chain. Our proven technology scouting and data collection techniques open access to vital, yet hard-to-find, market insights. Through our detailed primary and secondary research and analysis, we create unmatched data accuracy and insights.

Our Offerings


Apparent Research's syndicated report provides comprehensive market coverage and insightsacross various markets. These reports are articulated with a broader industry audience in the mind also providing a snapshot of the market potential, attractiveness, and competitive landscape of a market. Our syndicated reports make sure that all trends and insights are captured and analyzed in a single report.


We understand that syndicated reports have many limitations, hence we also offer fully custom-made intelligence solutions to meet the unique business requirements of any organization. Apparent Research's deep industry knowledge coupled with cross-functional analyst teams ensures that we can support the intelligence requirements of even the most specific of business problems. We provide a host of services from Market Entry to Technology Assessment, all uniquely tailored to the requirements of each client.

Apparent Market Research's AIM

Helps in Achieving Client's Individual KPI

In today's rapid and ever-changing industries only research that builds go-to-market strategies is not enough. To stay ahead of your competitors, you need reliable and powerful insights, derived straight from the customers from the end-user industries. Apparent Market Research alwayscares for its clients to materialize their mission-critical goals and help them to achieve their individual KPIs, with a perfect blend of versatile research skills and intuitive approach.

Qualitative always backed by Quantitative

In a business research report, there is always a need for a combination of both - quantitative and qualitative - to drive brand value. Apparent Market Research's doesn't only focus on a singular target market but focusses on the entire ecosystem and their adjacent markets which will impact their business in the near future. AMR's research is methodical, fast and accurate, and apparent which delivers actionable solutions that matter to our clients.

Connecting the Dots for an Impactful Storytelling

For Apparent Market Research, insights are more than just doing research. We are skilled in connecting the dots from the adjacent ecosystem and converting them to compelling stories, which facilitates our clients to take business decisions and the actions quicker than their competitors.

Speed with Quality

Every industry in the world are in a phase of rapid change, and the regularstandardized research that is inflexible in nature will probably help you achieving your target and growing the business. Apparent Market Research strongly focuses on inventing and reinventing its research approach. We not only deliver quicker and quality market intel but guarantee to add value to insights to resolve our client's business challenges efficiently.

Why choose us?


No individual organization can hire all of the expertise required to study markets across multiple geographies..


Our core competency is in gathering intelligence from the right sources, vetting it and providing insights that aid..