The market entry provides many opportunities for new investors but also opens the door to unknown risk. During this type of investment, detailed knowledge about the market, identifying the needs of customers, and an effective market penetration strategy are all vital factors. Our service helps to provide market knowledge regarding product life cycle, current market position, and presence of key participants, pricing strategy, regulatory, financial, taxation and commercial issues to identify opportunities and manage risk. Our experts can support you through your investment decision-making process and advise you on a range of issues including:

  • Understanding addressable market size and growth forecast
  • Understanding the supply chain dynamics in the market
  • Government policies and regulatory environment
  • Assessing the potential risks arising from the local tax, legal and commercial environment
  • Identifying existing competition
  • Identify key buying criteria and switching motivators of the customers
  • Identify unmet needs of the customers
  • Identifying potential barriers to entry
  • Identify key success factors
  • Finding out the possible market entry options considering client’s synergies: Build Vs. Buy Strategy

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