Research Methodology

Our robust research methodology entails an ideal mixture of primary and secondary initiatives, ensuring our clients to rely on our intelligence. Key stages involved in the process are listed below:

Data Collection & Information Procurement

The stage involves the procurement of secondary data and information collected from authoritative published sources and primary information from stakeholders across the entire ecosystem of the industry.

Estimation Methods

The top-down and bottom-up approach used to estimate the market size. The key players from supply-side are identified and their segmental regional information is collected to estimate the market size. From the demand side, the consumption across various end-use industries are collected for each region and country to estimate the market size.

Market Analysis

Apparent Market Research offershigh impact research outputs in terms of both qualitative & quantitative information, that reflects the most likely path of industry development.

Data Triangulation

Verification of each data and analysis point from various sources to ensure a high level of accuracy. Apparent Market Research understands that even inputs from primary research participants are not immune to subjectivity. All data presented in our reports undergo this strict process to ensure objective accuracy.


Our ultimate priority is to provide findings through well-evidenced, actionable insights with expert analysis and interpretation. Our reports include executive summaries of key findings, conclusions and pragmatic recommendations for a variety of clients in various formats – pdf, ppt and excel data files for easy evaluation.